Learning is Fun!

For my many of the young men and women who join us at Koinonia, education is a foreign subject.  The vast majority of our young people have not seen the importance of education modeled in their lives at home.  Sadly, many schools have given up on them and in return they have given up on school.

For most of our students, school has been optional for them but not here at Koinonia.  By creating a structured and routine environment school actually becomes fun.  For the first time, they find that they enjoy learning, that their good at it and look forward to it.  The Koinonia classroom is by far one of the greatest miracles Koinonia has to offer.  Many kids, who were felt that they did not have a chance in school, find themselves walking across the stage as a high school graduate.  Some of them are the first in their family to have ever graduated high school.  It is often said by transitioning teens that the Koinonia Community School was by far the best educational experience they had ever had and Mr. McCormick is the best teacher that they have ever had.

It is always a highlight to take our students to the Monterey Aquarium each year to see firsthand the “Science” they have been learning.

Crisis Resolution Center New Logo

Crisis Resolution Center Small

Our Crisis Resolution Center has finalized it’s new logo.  Developed by Imagination Harbor Media Group, this new logo reflects the CRC’s passion to break the cycle of dysfunction, offering hope to teens and families alike.