Local Herbalife Pays a Visit to Koinonia

Local Herbalife representatives Ron Rivera, Dawn Cederlund and Eleanor McCampbell came by to visit the Kids of Koinonia.  In preparation for Koinonia’s Casa Herbalife launch, local Herbalife President’s Team and distributors are rallying around Koinonia Homes for Teens.  The Casa Herbalife launch will be June 30th.  Koinonia looks forward to a long-term relationship with it local Herbalife representatives as Northern California’s only Casa Herbalife.

The Assistance League

Assistance League Team with Bill Ryland

For years now, Koinonia Homes for Teens has been fortunate to be involved with an incredible group of women who make miracles happen for our youth through multiple areas of service. These women belong to the Assistance League of Greater Placer, an all volunteer organization that puts caring and commitment into action through community-based philanthropic programs.

Early on, the Assistance League got involved with Kids of Koinonia teaching life skills twice a month in the after-school program that we call DCR. Their skilled volunteers covered every topic from personal budgeting to job skills to living on your own. The knowledge,

Teens Cooking Up a Storm

experience, and caring shown by the teachers and volunteer helpers was evident. It is always heartwarming to see how much the teens enjoy the ladies and hear them ask when they are coming back! This year’s cooking unit culminated in a workshop where the ladies taught the youth to cook a meal, set tables, and have proper table manners. They were then able to all dine together on the food they had prepared. This experiential teaching is part of what makes the Assistance League so phenominal! Not only does the Assistance League come and teach life skills

Teens at Assistance League Workshop

classes for the youth, but they have also provided thousands of dollars to help our Teens in several different incredible ways. They have provided multiple shopping days where the youth are given an allowance of money and are then able to go and pick out their own clothing at our local K-Mart. This is huge for our kids who may have come to Koinonia with only the clothes they are wearing or those Teens who need clothes for job interviews. In addition, the Assistance League has provided a number of our high school graduates scholarships to insure their success in college. This takes their dreams of a college education and helps make them a reality. The care and commitment that the Assistance League has shown the youth of Koinonia is a gift that cannot be measured. Lives are being changed because of their generous hearts.

Teri Schmidt-Little

Teri Schmidt-Little was Koinonia’s 2010 Volunteer of the year for all the efforts she makes for our Teens.  Pictured here being awarded the California State Assembly Certification of Recognition by Assemblyman Dr. Richard Pan and Koinonia’s Administrator Bill Ryland at this year’s United Way’s Volunteer Recognition Celebration.  The United Way California Capitol Region once again hit a homerun hosting the event at Mulvaney’s B & L restaurant in downtown Sacramento.

Teri is dear to the hearts of Koinonia as she is tireless in supporting our Kids.  Whether raising money and gifts at Christmas time and throughout the year, hosting movie night for our girls or supporting Pastor Francis’ work with our young ladies, Teri is always there.  We also have learned that all we have to do is present an issue to Teri and with her professional experience, her business savvy, and her heart for the Teenagers, no problem is insurmountable.  At every turn, for a number of years, Teri has risen above and beyond for each new generation of young people at Koinonia.  She is truly our Volunteer of the year.

Kevin Bracy

Kevin Bracey and Motivational Team

Kevin Bracey of LifeChangers International and the “Monstars of Motivation” is one our Teen’s most favorite people in the whole wide world.  Kevin is pictured with the Koinonia Administrator Bill Ryland, and a whole team of motivational speakers.  On this particular visit to our school, the young people were glued to every motivating word because Kevin had asked them to rate the speakers.  I can’t imagine more motivation happening in one place at one time for a group of teenagers ever.

Kevin Speaking to Teens

Kevin is a nationally renowned speaker and we are blessed that he has adopted our Teens as his own.   He always seems to show up at the needed time just when several of our youth are struggling and offers his incredible message of encouragement.  At this year’s Monstars of Motivation event, Kevin made sure that all of Koinonia’s Teens were included.  Mixed in with singers and dancers, Kevin’s belief in the power of positive words made for an outstanding show.  Thank you Kevin for all you do.