Congratulations Jenna!

When Jenna first started working for Koinonia in February of 2014 there was one word that came to mind: Heart. Jenna is a young woman who really loves working side by side with the kids here at Koinonia. 20141214_120704She invests a lot of herself into what she does and is very talented when it comes to building relationships with our girls at House 5.

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Jenna was recently promoted from Child Care Counselor to House Mom at House #5. She will be taking on a whole new set of responsibilities and challenges. Jenna has earned this opportunity with her endless amount of energy and positivity. She has wonderful insight into the girls and a strong grasp on program. It will be exciting to see how Jenna applies these great qualities to our Facility Supervisor Assistant position. No doubt it will be fantastic! Congratulations!