Wave Broadband Supports at Christmas – Again!

Wave Broadband Xmas Gift Pick-Up
Regina Rivera & Lisa Young of Wave Broadband Playing Santa for the Teens of Koinonia

Once again, Wave Broadband in Rocklin plays Santa to the teens at Koinonia.  For a number of years now, the employees at the Wave Broadband office in Rocklin have gotten together and adopted every teen at the Koinonia Homes for Teens, purchasing a Christmas gift for each one.  And this year was no exception.

Truly understanding the importance of Christmas for children in out-of-home placement, Wave Broadband joins with Koinonia in making this and every Christmas the very best Christmas our teens may have ever had.  Sadly, that isn’t always very difficult.  Many of our youth have not enjoyed the customs that many of us take for granted.  This is a time to expose our teens to the Christmas traditions that they may adopt for their families in the years to come.

Gifts under the tree is one of those.  Having to wait until Christmas morning to open them is another.  The excitement and the anticipation is all part of teaching patience, delayed gratification and hope through the Christmas effort.  Wave Broadband’s support goes so much farther and means so much more than just a gift for a deserving teen.  It communicates that people in the community really do care and that our teens are worth caring for.

Thank you Wave Broadband . . .  again.