Diego’s Graduation

Diego 2

The only thing better looking than the beautiful spring day on March 13th was Diego, a wonderful young man graduating the Koinonia Homes for Teens program. Surrounded by his friends and family, Diego received full honors as he was presented with his Certificate of Graduation and his graduation ring. He was also the recipient of an Angels in the Alley $1,500 transition scholarship.

Diego’s mentor, Justin LaCasse, opened the affair with an overview of Diego’s time a Koinonia and the strides he took to overcome the issues he faced early on. As Diego took the stage, he thanked those who had touched his heart while supporting him. Whether staff, peers, counselors, or community members, Diego took the time to thank each of them and verbalize his gratitude.Diego's Scholarship He also took the time to encourage all of his peers and let them know that they could all be as successful as he had been at Koinonia.

The line of those who wanted to speak into Diego’s accomplishments grew. After an hour or so, Justin finally brought the graduation to a close with a prayer from Mama T, Teresa Tift. All in all, it was a beautiful afternoon and a wonderful event. All of our hearts go out to encourage Diego in the next phase of his life. He is a solid young man with a heart of gold, what else do you need?