Jamal’s Christmas Story

H3's Christmas Tree
This Christmas at Koinonia was my best Christmas ever! Not because of the gifts I received, but the thought of other people going and buying me gifts and not knowing who I actually am. I truly believe that you have to have a huge heart to go out of your way and do things for people that you’ve never met before. So this Christmas was really special to me. I will never forget my Christmas at Koinonia because of the people that made this special for me. I did a lot of great things this Christmas. I went to look at Christmas lights and had hot chocolate, dinner with my family at Koinonia, and watched Christmas movies that I have never seen before. I went to the bowling alley and had a lot a fun. I got to get my picture drawn by an artist, I got to create my own cupcake, eat a lot of pizza, take pictures with Santa and his wife. I got a lot of great gifts like pants, shoes, a radio, and a remote control car. I also received a lot of gift cards to target, game stop, and star bucks. My favorite gift was a wallet. Inside of the wallet was a dollar bill that had a little note on it. On the note it said “Merry Christmas! And may this be your lucky dollar.” This may not be special to others, but to me it is because it made me feel connected to this person. I still have this dollar bill in my wallet. It is my lucky dollar now and I will keep it forever. So every time I look at the dollar I will remember my Christmas at Koinonia and my special day, and I will care for others just like others cared for me.