Keller Williams “Red Day” – WOW

Koinonia Homes for Teens was blessed beyond expectations this month by Keller Williams Reality’s Big “Red Day!” With over one hundred strong, Keller Williams’ agents and contractors showed up at virtually every home, as well as our school, armed with paint brushes, tools, picks & shovels. With the intent of repairing, improving and beautifying, the Keller Williams’ team accomplished an unimaginable amount of projects. From cutting down several large dead trees to painting complete interiors of our teens’ homes, the projects numbered in the dozens.

More importantly, watching our teens’ response to so many wonderful caring and giving people was profound. To have Keller Williams’ culture of giving back to the community being acted out right before our “at risk” teens’ eyes left no doubt that they were loved and cared for. While Keller Williams came with the intention of remodeling our homes, they actually repaired hearts.

Our gratitude goes out to the Keller Williams’ team on so many levels. It was an honor to meet and discuss the needs of our young people with such a dedicated and responsive group. Their big “Red Day” of community service will have a long lasting impact on the service we provide to our young people.