So Much more than just a Water Fight

Water Fight!
Water Fight!

Every week at our group home we work with the girls cleaning the outside and inside of the van.  One particularly hot Loomis afternoon the girls had some extra time and began spraying each other with the hose and looking for rainbows in the spray.  It didn’t take long before it evolved into a full blown water fight, with buckets and sponges and each girl trying to get control of the hose.  The look of childlike glee on the faces of those teenage girls was undeniable.  Afterwards Cyndal H. soaked to the skin said, “Thanks, I’ve never had a water fight before.”  That’s what we’re doing here, giving these kids seemingly normal everyday experiences, but for them they are priceless memories they will never forget.  By the time Cyndal left our care she had had a water fight, learned how to ride a bike, been to a King’s NBA game and learned what it was like to be a carefree kid.

Jill Bradford
Child Care Counselor
Koinonia Homes for Teens