Therapeutic Paintball?

H3 Piantball
Ryan & Christian Ready for War

A Story by Child Care Counselor Ryan Soejoto

As this year’s holiday season has arrived and Koinonia residents have been given time off from school I was able to take one resident to do something special.  Christian has had an itch to go paintballing for some time now and today was the day that we got make that wish come true.  On November 24th, I came to work early in the morning as Christian was waking up for the day.  From the moment he opened his eyes he was anxious to go sling some paintballs.

Christian, who is no beginner in the sport, showed me the basics of strategy and tactical ideas.  After receiving our new weapons for the day at the paintball course, Christian and I helped each other fill them with yellow paint filled balls, to the brim.  As we get onto the field of play, and the game officials yell “Go!” Christian lays down a thick cloud of paint on the opponents   I see Christian maneuver around the mounds of mud and tires that make up the playing field, moving faster than I have ever seen him move before.  Between Christian, the other two staff, and myself shot well over 1,000 rounds of ammunition.  Not only did we fire a lot of rounds, we used them as a team.  We helped each other out covering for one another by communicating with each other.  As paintballs flew all around us, we stuck together as a team to accomplish our mission out on the field.

The best part of the day was seeing Christian have the most fun I’ve seen him have since being here at Koinonia.  Christian was having such a great time doing something that he loved to do.  Also being the resident expert gave him an extra bounce to his step.  At the end of the day we walked to the van across the dirt parking lot covered in paint, dirt, and bruises.  Christian was smiling from ear to ear and I knew that we had given him probably the best Thanksgiving break we could have possibly given him.