Our Mission

To provide quality full-scope adolescent substance abuse treatment for one of the highest “at-risk” populations in the nation. Our professional and confidential manner which we engage youth is to exemplify our respect, and compassion for those we serve. Our commitment to working collaboratively with community resources provides a robust network of services available to foster youth.

Leadership Statement

“The key to everything we do, and the hallmark of Koinonia‘s success, is the quality of our staff and the dedication of our volunteers. For our teens, coming here from the backgrounds they have suffered, encountering caring people of integrity is often an “Ah Ha!” experience, much like seeing the ocean for the first time. Learning to trust, rely on, and confide in those people who want nothing but the best for you is a most potent therapy. Quality programming is only as functional as the people that facilitate it, and we have the best staff in the business! Koinonia is unique in that we treat the whole person, all at the same time. The age-old argument of what should be addressed first, mental/emotional or substance abuse health issues, does not fly here. In fact, not only are we treating both at the same time we are also teaching life-skills, repairing educational deficits, mending family relationships, and instilling hopes and dreams for the future. Through consistent and purposeful interventions, a whole new world opens up for these young people. Their small early successes are the breeding ground for their more substantial future achievements. Many of our teens that did not think they could even survive, let alone graduate high school, are signed up for college before they leave us. Join us in the privilege of watching our future leaders, parents, artists, and advocates as they become adults. It is exciting!”

Bill Ryland, Director