Growing up in the chaos of mental, physical and substance abuse often if not always leads to a severe deficit in schooling and credits, but at the Koinonia Community School, we take that as a challenge.  Our students often come in lacking credits, poor work ethic and usually just a pure distrust of a classroom. It’s our goal to not only help these students catch back up on their credits but to also reignite the curiosity and joy of learning that was sadly taken from these youngsters so early in their lives.  Once the students credits have recovered, we stand beside them and help them apply for Cal Grants and FAFSA, so that if they wish, can go onto college to further their education.

Our Tools

  • Phenomenal teachers, support staff, and resources that allow our students to grow and thrive.
  • WASC accreditation allows our students to go straight on to a 4 year college or into the Military.
  • New World of Work, teaching new skills that are bridging the gap between school and the workforce.
  • CyberHigh, a streamlined learning process that helps students catch back up to where they need to be credit wise.

Our Results

  • High Graduation Rates
  • Very High Credit Recovery
  • WASC Backed Diplomas
  • Program Dedicated Classroom
  • Classroom Successfully In Operation for 20 Years