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Client Testimonials

See what our teens have said about their experience with Koinonia! For privacy purposes, names have been changed.

I was going through bad depression, but the amount of care the staff that worked there had was something I had not seen in my 12 years of treatment. I am so happy I gave Koinonia a chance. Through my time there, it was a breath of fresh air to be in a program that feels safe and to be in a program that I was able to give my trust to.

Candice Behavioral Health Program

After I participated in the CRC program, I have learned how to successfully communicate with my parents. I will also be making better decisions moving forward. The best thing about staying at the CRC was my ability to have time to myself and following a daily schedule. The CRC provided a lot of consistency for me that I really needed.

Joey Crisis Residential Center

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Brittney Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program

After participating in the CRC program, I took accountability for my actions and recognized my faults, which made me realize that I could have prevented many conflicts. The best thing about staying at the CRC was the staff. They were all so kind and engaging. They helped me with so much and I could always talk and open up to them without feeling judged.

Violet Crisis Residential Center

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